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The chilling first hand-account of the horrors of the opiate epidemic told by a neonatal intensive care nurse, will forever open your eyes to the consequences suffered by the drug-addicted babies,families and our nation. Living in any community in the United States, the effect of the opiate epidemic is felt. Broward County Florida where the author Janet Colbert lives and worked is the epicenter of the opiate epidemic for our entire nation. In the year 2016 there were more overdose deaths in the United States than the entire Viet Nam War. Through research Colbert discovered the world of corruption and greed and revealed the elicit players in the book.





Breaking the “silence” for all people with substance use disorders, some of the most vulnerable people in our society today.
We work tirelessly to end the narcotic fatal epidemic that claimed 4,781 young lives in Florida in 2013. In addition, babies born addicted has increased 10 fold since 1995 in Florida. Nationwide we are loosing 120 lives per day.
Not my child? Not in my backyard?
Think again.
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