Please write to your representatives on Capital Hill to join the “Coalition for Prescription Drug Abuse” sponsored by Honorable Hal Rogers.


Parents please send me the name and picture of your loved one for the DEDICATION page.

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Secondly HB 831 will be voted on by the Florida Senate. This bill was introduced by Representative Mike Fasano
   *Health professionals must consult PDMP
   *Dispensing report within 2 days from 7
Lifts current restriction on accepting donations from pharmaceutical companies.
Rep Ronald Renuart amended the above to remove the mandatory component from the PDMP (remember his name when he is up for reelection) Write to your senators to place mandatory back in the bill  I also do not want the “drug companies” money to finance the PDMP (we already have too much corruption).  If they want to be generous with their $ maybe they can agree to produce less = less deaths.

AAPM under Senate investigation (committee trying to establish whether they have promoted misleading information about risks and benefits of opioids while receiving financial support from opioid manufacturers).

President elect AAPM, Lynn Webster, MD under scrutiny for payments from drug manufacturers.

Lynn webster,MD Director of Lifetree. “I do not know how many former clinic patients died of an opioid overdose.  At most it could be 20”.

Pictures of previous rally’s