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ALTO-Alternative to Opiate Prescribing in ER

Shovel the Opiates out of Florida. I applaud Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton Florida for implementing the ALTO program in their ER. Using alternatives  to prescribing opiates in their ER has reduced opiate use by 40%. The dynamics of the Opiate Epidemic could be forever changed if the vision of St. Joseph’s Hospital in New Jersey and Manatee Memorial Hospital in Florida was shared by all. More results to follow.

************LESS PILLS =LESS DEATHS.*********************

H.R. 6 Support for Patients and Communities Act 115th Congress (2017-2018) President Trump signed into law. 10/24/2018

Section 7091. HHS must establish a demonstration program through which hospitals and Emergency Departments receive grants to support alternatives to opioids for pain management.