We had a “Hail Mary” pass yesterday

We received a call from Senator Maria Sachs’s office late yesterday  afternoon.  Senator Sachs put a bill into drafting to mandate the PDMP usage for prescribers of narcotics.  Unlike Senator Eleanor Sobel, she kept her promise to us and did not give into  pressure from the powerful medical associations in Florida.  Our task was that we had one hour to meet the deadline for filing a draft and we needed someone from the House side to file the draft.  Representative Evan Jenne’s office filed that for us.  We beat the deadline by 10 minutes. We need more Legislators who will put the needs of the people before their need to hold public office.  Of course, without that distinction they should not be holding public office.

This is only a draft.  So now our work is cut out for us.  We will work to get the bill written and passed.  We ask that all of you call your Florida Senators and Representatives to express your support for this initiative.  DRAFT #49588

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