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The drug companies are peddling the Opiate Epidemic across the pond.
Dr. Andrew Kolodny testifies as expert witness against Johnson & Johnson.
Big PhRma trying to abolish CDC guidelines – hurts their bottom line.
A greaving mother should not have to search archives and uncover Endo’s misdeeds.
Court documents should NOT be destroyed as part of a plea deal – ever. Too many are dying.
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We have waited a long time. Watch the video below. I hope and pray criminal charges will be sought and won, and finally an end to the Opiate Epidemic.


BBC World Documentary Podcast:

The impact of the U.S. opioid epidemic on the future generation of Louisville, Kentucky. (But really every state in our nation).



This is what caused the opiate epidemic.  We need to end it!


Purdue Pharma justifies pushing Oxycontin by citing FDA rules it helped write.

What is Opioid Crisis: Interview with Janet Colbert STOPPNow



This video should be shown in every school in our country: 


Bill to strengthen DEA ability to prevent opioid abuse:


They took their 32 pieces of silver.












New Law effective July 1st, 2016 will save lives.  Stopping the production of opiates would save more


How the children died

How the children died


A painfully true story of FL Department of Health/MQA and FL governor appointed Professional Medical/Pharmacy Boards ongoing gross negligence and continued FAILURE to “protect the public health safety of FL citizens”.

Christian Valdes - Pill Mill_My Years of Money Madness Sex and Drugs in the FL Pill Mill

Absolutely the TRUTH. It shows the on-going gross negligence of the FL Department of Heath and the “governor” appointed medical boards who are charged with “protecting the public health safety” of FL citizens. This on-going negligence continues to rage in FL. Do NOT be swayed by the media or AG Pam Bondi that the “pill mills” are closed. The storefront clinics are gone, but the physicians are still practicing grossly negligent narcotic prescribing in FL and across the country. This is a man-made (Big Pharma) physician controlled fatal epidemic. Until the self-regulated physician community is held accountable, Big Pharma just keeps making more money as does the physician community. And at the expense of our family/friends/childrens suffering, if not dying from physician legally prescribed narcotic drug poisoning. Big Pharma and the FDA has been attacked for years by advocacy groups, with only very little improvement in physician prescribing behaviors. We must now focus on the AMA, the one responsible for distributing addiction and death on US citizens. One may think that Big Pharma is in control as they continue churning out products that injure and kill people – TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED. The real culprit is the physician community. It is they that are distributing the drugs – not Big Pharma. Big Pharma is 100% dependent on the prescribing community. That must be the focus and then Big Pharma’s profits will take a hit. Greed trumps patient safety in the medical community, pharmaceutical industry, and in every level of city/county/state and federal government.


StoppNow: Listen to us on Just Believe Radio

Part 1:

Part 2:

Congressman Tom Marino (PA) and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) “prescribe” Walgreens be unaccountable for errors in loss of lives… Why?

“Representatives from Stoppnow attended the Fed Up Rally in Washington, DC last month and scheduled a meeting with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) to discuss a bill co-sponsored by the congresswoman — HR 4709. The bill was sponsored by Congressman Tom Marino (PA) and passed unanimously in the House of representatives and is on its way to the Senate.”



Drug Maker (Purdue Pharma) Warns That OxyContin Suit Could Be ‘Crippling’

“Purdue, which makes the best-selling painkiller OxyContin, has never gone to trial on a case of OxyContin abuse. It has won dismissals in more than 400 personal-injury lawsuits related to the drug. And while it has settled some product-liability cases related to OxyContin under secret terms, Purdue has defeated more than 10 efforts to wage class-actions against it.”


The case is Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Purdue Pharma LP, 07-CI-01393, Pike Circuit Court (Kentucky).


Reality check: Chronic pain sufferers deserve better than opioids

“Every day, thousands of Canadians take opioid painkillers for chronic pain. How many of them know that there is virtually no good scientific evidence showing those drugs are safe and effective when taken for extended periods?  That question has been ignored for too long.”



Pain doctor investigation

Clinic owner charged with running $15 million pill mill – WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News;lst;1

CNN Documentary of prescription drug addicted baby

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Joel Shumrak and the security guard always in the parking lot. Notice the Glock on his hip.

Joel Shumrak and the security guard always in the parking lot. Notice the Glock on his hip.


Broward County Commissioner Chip Lamarca often at Stoppnow Protests


Joel Shumrak arrested June 4th, 2014 and extradited to Kentucky. He’s not smiling now.

Joel Shumrak arrested June 4th, 2014 and extradited to Kentucky. He’s not smiling now.

Who Shall We Say Was ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ While Oakland Park, Florida Was Becoming The Nation’s Pain Clinic Capital?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Between July and December of 2008, Oakland Park and its surrounding ZIP Codes were ground zero for the over-concentration of pain management clinics and excessive dispensing of oxycodone pills.

According to BSO and the United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse, approximately 2,738,700 units of oxycodone were dispensed during this period in the ZIP Codes 33334, 33309 and 33311, which make up the City of Oakland Park and surrounding communities.

Oakland Park’s zip codes at the top of the list.

Source: City of Oakland Park City Commission Agenda Report. Agenda Item # 21: 7/7/2010

The narcotics being dispensed are extremely valuable when sold on the black market and are exceedingly addictive. [Stopp The Organized Pill Pushers now] organized one of their peaceful protests, at the above pictured location in Oakland Park, in order to raise awareness of the death and destruction caused by this epidemic.

Thank you to Renee, Janet & Joy, the organizers of the grassroots effort.