Has been a long time family friend of Renee’s,  I promised Renee that I would help her to do something so that Blayne’s death would not be in vain.  I am also a neonatal intensive care unit RN.  The nurses were questioning why we were seeing such an increase in the babies being born suffering from drug withdrawal.  Blayne’s explanation to his mother regarding the pain clinics answered that.  We were seeing the consequences without understanding the reason. The resolution of the problem is still unsolved and every time another baby is born into this torture of withdrawal, I ask “why does their life not matter”?  They can not vote.  Help me be a voice for them. 

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Her son became addicted after using 1 Percocet recreationally.  The addiction progressed to daily use of oxy/roxy/zanax/soma – the “holy trinity” that Broward County physicians were prescribing by the thousands, and was very easily obtained with little to no medical examination at the Pill Mills.  She became an active Mom trying to curb this PHYSICIAN prescribed drug epidemic by attending the FL Board of Medicine/Osteopathy meetings.  The source of this plague.  Along her travels, she became aware of the StoppNow group and joined in our efforts. Her son now has @3.5 years of not using opioids. Maureen has become very active with StoppNow and has become the Vice President of the organization whose goals are:

1.  To make the PDMP (E-force) mandatory with an interstate exchange component since Florida licensed physicians, particularly Broward County physicians, are responsible for thousands of deaths and thousands of families coping with addiction.

2. Appropriate and significant disciplining of the “Controlled Substance Prescribers” who violate medical standards of practice; AKA “drug dealers in white coats”.

3.  Support the DEA in all of their efforts to end this physician created epidemic.






Emily Walden – A mother from Louisville, KY that lost her son TJ from an accidental prescription drug overdose. Her son’s addiction started with an Oxycontin and quickly moved to the drug Opana. He struggled to overcome his addiction and lost his battle in 2012. Emily reached out to Stoppnow in 2011 and has been working to put an end to this epidemic that is claiming the lives of so many. Kentucky is number three nation wide in overdose deaths.




Lost her son, Blayne, December 2009.  He had a drug overdose 2 weeks prior to his death and explained to Renee about the pain clinics and how easily accessible they are.  Blayne was hit several times by cars on State Road 441.   Even though his death was a product of pain clinic abuse, his death is classified as a MVA and therefore not included in the 9-11 deaths per day in Florida from prescription drug overdose.  And, there are many more similar cases, so the number of deaths, from pain clinics, are actually higher than reported.

Her daughter was introduces to the world of oxycontin at the age of 17.  She learned from her friends how easy it is to get oxycodone, Xanax bars, and soma from the pain clinics, even at the age of 17 – legally underage.  Seven years later she is struggling from the addiction and costly mistake.