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Senator Sobel agreed to write and introduce a bill to strengthen the PDMP by making it mandatory for schedule II and schedule III prescribers to check the PDMP before prescribing a narcotic. This bill was also to include the inter-state exchange. These  measures have proven to save lives. Unlike many other states the Florida Medical Assocaiation and the Broward Medical Association are against strengthening the PDMP. Senator Sobel has decided that instead of taking a stance to save lives she will abide by their advise and power. Shame on you Senator Sobel

S-2839 is a Bill in the U.S. Senate that mandates the PDMP.  We have two Florida Senators only one has co-sponsored this bill. Shame on you Senator Marco Rubio the only Florida Senator not to support

Congressman Tom Marino (PA) and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) “prescribe” Walgreens be unaccountable for errors in loss of lives… Why?

“Representatives from Stoppnow attended the Fed Up Rally in Washington, DC last month and scheduled a meeting with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) to discuss a bill co-sponsored by the congresswoman — HR 4709. The bill was sponsored by Congressman Tom Marino (PA) and passed unanimously in the House of representatives and is on its way to the Senate.”

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(10/19/14)  “You sold your souls to the devil Ms. Blackburn and Mr. Marino — at the cost of loss of lives in the tens of thousands to addiction and death.”


Purdue Pharma Denies All Claims

Drug Maker (Purdue Pharma) Warns That

OxyContin Suit Could Be ‘Crippling’

“Purdue, which makes the best-selling painkiller OxyContin, has never gone to trial on a case of OxyContin abuse. It has won dismissals in more than 400 personal-injury lawsuits related to the drug. And while it has settled some product-liability cases related to OxyContin under secret terms, Purdue has defeated more than 10 efforts to wage class-actions against it.”

The majority of Purdues oxycontin that arrived via the OxyExpress in Kentucky, were prescribed and dispensed by FL licensed physicians.



The case is Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Purdue Pharma LP, 07-CI-01393, Pike Circuit Court (Kentucky).


 Medical Boards Are Too Lax; Payment for Pain and Suffering; More

This is why FL is the epicenter of the national PHYSICIAN prescribed drug epidemic:  “Florida is among the states with the fewest medical board actions per physician, joining South Carolina, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The states with the most actions per physician are Ohio, Oklahoma, and Alaska.”  (Wayne J. Guglielmo, MA; Oct 17, 2014)

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As pills killed kids, the state shrugged

State health officials fretted about pill mills, and how adult addicts were dying. Nobody realized that the storefront drug dispensaries were killing kids by the dozens.

“In the nondescript shopping plazas dotting Florida, the unchecked prescription drug marketplace was thriving. Called pill mills, the storefront cash businesses operated with the rush and thrill of candy stores, with long lines of pill-popping addicts chasing their next high. Collectively, it was an incubator for child deaths. Since 2008, 123 children have died after DCF had been told that one or both parents were abusing prescription drugs, a Miami Herald investigation found. More than 85 percent of the children were 2 or younger.”


Bernard Cantor, MD

Primary prescribing and dispensing physician at this DEA busted Pill Mill

The “owner” of this clinic and many other clinics, Vincent Coangelo, is sitting in federal prison.

Dr. B Cantor is a rising star now- teaching medical students!

He has a clear and active medical license and no discipline on file with the FL Board of Medicine.

The clinic(s) 0wner is sitting in federal prison:  Vincent M. Colangelo

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