“First, Do No Harm.”

Do No Harm

The story behind  the PHYSICIAN prescribed drug epidemic.

“Not safe as prescribed”
Only the physician prescribing community can put an end to this man-made epidemic, now a national heroin epidemic.  Cheers for the physicians who in fact are not bowing to peer pressure; stepping up to the plate.  An epic failure of self-regulation.


A feature documentary film about the 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction

 Generation Rx: A Story of Dope, Death, and America’s Opiate Crisis

Generation Rx

What had happened to my baby brother? How did a tiny little pill shatter our family? When did we first begin losing Pat? These are the harrowing questions that plagued Erin Marie Daly after her youngest brother Pat, an OxyContin addict, was found dead of a heroin overdose at the age of twenty. In just a few short years, the powerful prescription painkiller had transformed him from a fun-loving ball of energy to a heroin addict hell-bent on getting his next fix. Yet even as Pat’s addiction destroyed his external life, his internal struggle with opiates was far more heart wrenching. Erin set out on a painful personal journey, turning a journalistic eye on her brother’s addiction; in the process, she was startled to discover a new twist to the ongoing prescription drug epidemic. That kids are hooked on prescription drugs is nothing new; what is new is how a generation of young people playing around with today’s increasingly powerful opioids are finding themselves in the frightening grip of heroin.
Generation Rx offers an entirely new look at what the prescription pill epidemic means for today’s youth, and the world around them.
By: Erin Marie Daly (August 2014)
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Kids Are Dying – The Documentary (coming November 14, 2014)

Kids are dying  American-Epidemic-Card-Front[1]


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Behind The Orange Curtain

Behind the Orange Curtain

Behind the Orange Curtain is a documentary that examines the rx drug abuse issues in OC and across the country. No one is exempt. It doesn’t matter if you live on Park Avenue or the park bench. One life is lost every 19 mins. to an rx overdose in America. Big Pharma is making billions ad our young men and women are addicted to rx drugs and moving to heroin because it’s cheaper and produces the same high. Doc. features DEA, parents, addiction specialists, coroner and teens all who have a been affected. This film is wake up call and call to action documentary. The film is the brain child of Natalie Costa from Orange County California. After receiving a frantic phone all from her daughter that her childhood friend died from an overdose of Opana., she approached film director Brent Huff to direct this documentary. Watch for free on

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